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Dhillon Reddy: President and Founder
Dhillon Reddy, the President and Founder of The Giving Sole is the face of the organization's mission. Dhillon attests to many duties. He's an essential resource in building partnerships with sneaker stores to secure generous donations, selecting low-income neighborhoods to help, leading social media advertising campaigns, and actively participating in the shoe refurbishment process. Dhillon's unwavering commitment is the reason for The Giving Sole's success.

Jake Kurian: Vice President and Web Master
Meet Jake Kurian, a phenomenal web designer who played an impactful role in shaping the online identity of The Giving Sole. With a keen eye for design and a passion for giving back, Jake created the organization's website. He also used his creative touch in advertising by creating ads to appeal to a specific audience interested in charitable work and has helped spread awareness of the charity across social media.

Hudson Warren: Director of Marketing and Communications
Hudson Warren, a dedicated contributor to The Giving Sole, has been indispensable in expanding the charity's name. Hudson collects money donations and determines the best deals on sneakers in bulk and on sneaker cleaning supplies. Through negotiation skills, Hudson acquires lots of sneakers for a moderate price. Moreover, Hudson took it upon himself to promote the non-profit within his high school, using appealing flyers. Hudson also plays a hands-on role in refurbishing donated shoes to ensure they are of the highest quality for those in need.

Dante Angelini: Regional Director and Founder of New York Branch
Dante Angelini, a proud New Yorker, strives for success in The Giving Sole's mission. Introduced to the organization through a shared connection, Dante embraced his role in the charity in September, establishing the New York branch. Dante has used his contacts in New York to expand the Non-Profit. Since joining, he has made a remarkable impact with a collection of over 200 sneakers. 

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